pleased Labor Day weekend, guys. ? If you need me, you’ll find me in the front yard, otherwise known as “The neverending project that has haunted me for months.” I’ll be knee-deep in dirt today because we’re laying down sod…which leads me to these beauties! El Hub came home with these Improved Meyer Lemon trees from Costco the other day. He knocked on the front door, and when I opened it said, “Look what I got for ya!” (I’m picky about my lemons and have been known to ramble on and on about the virtues of the Meyer lemon.)

I often see these big, bushy lemon trees around the neighborhood, so I’m hoping that will happen with these guys, and the day will come when I’ll be so overloaded with lemons that I won’t even know what to finish with myself. I’ll be making pasta al limone and lemon bars left and right! ? Let’s manifest that food dream, shall we? LOL!



Now, while I go set this citrus vision in motion, here’s your charm reading for the week… ?

This fall, much more celebs are entering the charm game with new makeup lines. singer Selena Gomez just launched her rare charm line at Sephora. One percent of all rare charm sales will be donated to the rare impact Fund (started by Gomez last July), which ambitiously aims to raise $100 million over the next decade to help address the gaps in mental health services for underserved communities.

Former MTV reality TV star LC, otherwise known as Lauren Conrad, just launched a makeup line as well. who would’ve thunk the girl that Stephen didn’t choose on Laguna beach and that Heidi betrayed on The Hills would become such a marketing force? good for you, Lauren! Make lemonade out of those lemons!

And it’s not just celebs launching makeup lines, either. Swedish perfume brand Byredo (two words: GYPSY WATER) is now selling a makeup line with lipsticks, multi-use color sticks, lip balm, mascara, black liquid eyeliner and three eye shadow palettes with the funkiest packaging.

Speaking of new, here’s what’s hitting shelves this month from Anastasia, L’Oréal, urban Decay and more.

Just in case you were lookin’ to do some online charm shopping during the Labor Day weekend…

I can’t wait to view the new live-action remake of Mulan, which is available now for $30 on Disney+ (but will stream for totally free starting in December), and you better believe I’ll be checking out the hair and makeup. It took two years for hair and makeup designer Denise Kum to bring the film characters to life.

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One of my favorite movies, ever. easily top ten!

Fun fact: I used to eat at a Thai restaurant in Marin county where Bonnie Raitt was known to hang out, but I never saw here there.


I just viewed Salma Hayek in a film with Alec Baldwin called “Drunk Parents,” and her comic timing is impeccable. love her!

Your friendly neighborhood charm addict,



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