It’s nearly time for the incredibly Bowl! — and the Puppy and Kitten Bowls, of course.

Tabs flew out to Houston early yesterday morning because he’s one of the officials in the Kitten bowl this year.


Let’s hope the officiating is good…
Yeah, they needed someone who played the game and understands how to work in front of a camera. Yup, he still gets jobs like that because of his occupation with the Mill Valley Wildcats.

Other than officiating the big game today, Tabs has been working a lot on his spiritual and mental well being this week. He’s been feeling a lot of pressure lately, getting older in the kitty modeling world.

I mean, it’s not easy staying at the top as long as he has.

Sure, it takes dedication and hard work, but it also takes a strong will and a healthy mind.

That’s where downtime and meditation come into play…

Even though I know he’s working hard in Houston today, I still hope Tabs is finding time to kick back out there.


Your friendly neighborhood appeal addict,


P.S. GO FALCONS!!!!!!!