Tabs is very unhappy with Ryan Gosling this year. A lot of people don’t know this, but Tabs was expected to play the lead in La La Land, but they gave the role to Ryan. Tabs is pretty sure it was because Ryan showed an aptitude for piano and, lacking opposable thumbs, Tabs didn’t.

So tonight’s the big night! Oscar night.


While Tabs didn’t have the lead, he did still have a part in La La Land. He played dancing Cat#3 in one of the big routines…

Tabs always looks forward to Oscar night. As you know, he has 17 Academy awards (more than any other cat actor), but he’s only up for one award this year. He was nominated for best cat actor for his emotional portrayal of a kitten who falls asleep on a milk truck and wakes to find himself in a completely different neighborhood.

There’s some confusion out there because it’s also called Lion and stars numerous of the same people as the other Lion starring Dev Patel, which is also up for an Academy Award.


Anyway, the one with Tabs is the one we’re rooting for.

Your friendly neighborhood charm addicts,

Karen and Tabs