Tom Ford FullScreen Lash Mascara
At the intersection of fancy lady Lane and Tom Ford charm Boulevard, you’ll find me — hello! — standing at the crossroads waving a tube of the new FullScreen Lash Mascara, which is — grasp your pearls — $45.

Fullscreen is one of three new mascaras in the eyes-only Eyes of Tom Ford makeup collection (the others are Spike and Shutter), and when you say that, you have to whisper it all sexy-time because it’s the best thing to do.


And FullScreen is the one you want if you want natural-looking drama…which, admittedly, seems like a contradiction in terms, but picture your favorite set of natural-looking falsies that noticeably thicken and lengthen your lashes, and even hold a kick-@ss curl for a night-and-day difference, but still manage to look like lashes that a real human being could have been born with.

That’s FullScreen, except without the glue and cries of “Mother trucker! I just smudged my winged liner! now I need to start over AGAIN!”

When I apply two coats of FullScreen, it looks like I painstakingly glued individual false lashes along my lash line, but all I had to do was hold a brush. good stuff!


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If you’re searching for all the things — volume, curl, separation and length — FullScreen does it all, and the best thing is how far it stretches out those lashes to make each and every one reach for the sky. The curl hold is dramatically different than other high-end mascaras like YSL synthetic Cils and Chanel Le Volume, but yet your lashes don’t look fake.

It comes in one shade — a dark, rich black called Noir that doesn’t flake, smudge or transfer onto your lower lash line, and thank goodness for that because a $45 mascara that was anything short of perfection would cause lots of ladies to “tsk-tsk-tsk” during tea at the Rotunda.


Summon your chauffeur to get the Ferarri best now, #FancyLady, because FullScreen is at Tom Ford counters!

Your friendly neighborhood charm addict,