exactly how my lips feel today, in a nutshell…
Man, oh, man! Long-wearing matte liquid lipsticks look sooo good, however they can likewise be sooo drying.

I don’t understand what I was believing yesterday by swatching the 15 new MAC vintage Matte liquid Lipcolours in friggin’ winter.


Well…almost winter, as well as even though it doesn’t get real-deal 30-below chilly here, it’s still been chilly for California (is that likewise ’cause of El Niño?), as well as the heater has been kicking on every five seconds, so I don’t understand why I believed my lips would come out of this swatch-fest unscathed.

YOU SO CRAZY, KAREN!!! What the heck were you thinking? After eliminating the last of the swatches, my lips felt like I’d been tongue wrestling a cheese grater, as well as they’re still a bit tender today.

That’s what I get for believing that I might try on 15 matte liquid lipsticks…


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The lesson here? this time around of year, think about the condition of your lips before reaching for the long-wearing matte liquid lipstick because, by nature, they can be quite drying, even though the MAC vintage Mattes are no much more drying than typical (in fact, I believe they’re somewhat less drying than usual).

It won’t be an problem if your lips are in great shape, as well as you aren’t contending with dryness or flakes (and if that explains you, can I please have whatever you’re having?).

If you do choose to wear them since you crave that vintage ’40s screen siren glam, appropriate prep work in advance can help. For instance, the night before, go buck wild by layering great deals of lip balm before bed (I’ve been utilizing as well as loving Nuxe Reve de Miel).

LIKE, SERIOUSLY, LAYER THAT SHIZZ like YOU’RE MAKING A 10-LAYER CAKE, as well as just accept that your feline is most likely going to crawl around your deal with at 3 o’clock in the morning to deposit mountains of feline hair on your lips.

It’s cool, though, since your lips will be properly prepped.

But then do it once again best before you go in with your matte liquid lipstick. I typically do it as one of my very first steps best when I sit down to apply my makeup. That way, by the time I’m completed doing my eyes, foundation, brows as well as all that great stuff, the balm has had a long time to work.

When it concerns matte liquid lipsticks, never provide up! never surrender!

Just prep.


Your friendly community charm addict,


P.S. as well as right here are some much more suggestions for handling a parched winter season pout.