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Saturday Surfing, December 21st, 2019

mama and daughter lunch date yesterday. (Please note the headless gingerbread man.) Good morning and delighted Caturday, my friend. ? Are you feeling the Christmas spirit today? I am, coupled with excitement and a tinge of exhaustion, because… In case… Continue Reading →

Throwback Thursdays: bright Blue inner corners and Ice Skating!

I got all the nostalgic feels with this late ’90s-inspired look with bright blue inner corners (thanks, MAC Tilt). Was anybody else obsessed with blazingly bright inner corner highlights way back when? I most certainly was. I usually rocked MAC… Continue Reading →

Sundays With Tabs the Cat, makeup as well as charm blog Mascot, Vol. 566

You understand exactly how the concept of balance is huge these days? balance at work, balance at home, work-life balance, balancing life, love, career? Well, Tabs was huge into balance method before it was en vogue. In fact, one of… Continue Reading →

Sundays With Tabs the Cat, makeup and appeal blog Mascot, Vol. 550

Tabs was fit to be tied this morning! (Happy ? Easter, by the way.) ADVERTISEMENT When his fur stylist didn’t show up for work today, Tabs took it upon himself to head over to her house to demand her professional… Continue Reading →

Sundays With Tabs the Cat, makeup and appeal blog Mascot, Vol. 572

Tabs was a firm believer in flexibility, both in terms of dealing with surprises in his professional life (like the night we ran out of gravy), and with regard to his sumptuous body. Being a yoga master and a feline… Continue Reading →

Saturday Surfing, may 18th, 2019

FYI, IMO, applying mascara is a perishable skill. It is NOT like riding a bike, where once your brain makes the connections and you “get it,” you never forget it. No, if you don’t use your mascara application skills, you… Continue Reading →

Checking In: A crazy Orange Sky, Maine Coon Cats and Kitten fur Perfume

welcome to the next level of Jumanji! You guys. When I said that each day lately has been like a new level of Jumanji, I was not kidding. When I woke up yesterday morning, the sky was a scary shade… Continue Reading →

Sundays With Tabs the Cat, makeup as well as beauty blog Mascot, Vol. 626

Tabs got together with almost everyone. Almost, with the exception of a few people as well as cats, including his business nemesis Harris, who staged a hostile takeover attempt of Tabs the feline Industries, LLC a few years ago. ADVERTISEMENT… Continue Reading →

Saturday Surfing, July 4th, 2020!

Hello, friend! good morning and happy independence Day to you! sending major good vibes for a safe, wonderful weekend. The fam and I are about to head off grid for a brief camping trip, and by “off the grid,” I… Continue Reading →

Shelter-In-Place deal with of the Day: Soft Peach, increased and Buttery brown Tones

Ya know, seeing as how I spend every waking moment best now at home or somewhere within close proximity outside, and I can technically wear any type of makeup I want, because my boss (the coywolf) is easygoing concerning the… Continue Reading →

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