When was the last time you played hopscotch? — since for the life of me I don’t keep in mind it being this cardiovascularly taxing. yesterday I introduced Connor Claire to this traditional playground game, as well as after I demonstrated a few rounds, I had to stop to take a breather as well as contemplate my life choices. LOL!

Was it always this hard? ?


Now that I believe about it, I ought to figure out a method to turn hopscotch into the most recent as well as biggest physical fitness craze. Hmm…

On to today’s reading. short as well as wonderful Saturday Surfing today because, apparently, I requirement to work on my cardio, so I’m off to run a couple miles on the treadmill!

“During a worldwide crisis, it may even feel a bit trivial to pull out your makeup bag as well as go to town on bronzer. however professionals state it can really make a significant difference in navigating these unpredictable as well as overwhelming circumstances.” <------ THIS. people are still using makeup while social distancing, as well as I’m all for it. Like numerous people around the world best now, freelance makeup artists as well as hairstylists are feeling the long-lasting impacts of COVID-19 on their finances as well as business. El Hub asked me the other day if I might cut his hair, as well as I was like, “WHA?” I sashayed out the space like I didn’t hear him since I’ve never cut anybody’s hair except my own, which only occurred under extreme duress when in the middle of the night with a blunt pair of scissors (needless to say, the circumstance as well as result weren’t ideal). Anywho! If he asks again, I may ahead him these suggestions from barbers on exactly how to cut your own hair at home, as well as these pics of dudes doing it themselves. Speaking of hair, here’s exactly how to provide yours a bit additional TLC, in situation it needs it best now. And here’s exactly how to stylishly keep your mane out of your face, according to restaurant workers (all of which I hope will have tasks when this dilemma is over). If I had a gel manicure that needed to be eliminated best now, I’d be tearing my hair out FOR REALS. If you’re in a bind as well as requirement to eliminate a gel-mani, here’s some professional guidance on exactly how to do it at house without completely destroying your nails. Can cats have nightmares? ? short response is indeed they can. According to an animal habits expert, this is why cats shove their butts in your face. ? The person behind what is regarded as one of the world’s best-smelling lotions shares her preferred scents. ADVERTISEMENT What are you as much as today? Did you understand it was Saturday when you got up this morning? all of my days are blurring together… Your friendly community charm addict, Karen