Chanel velvet nail Colour in Profondeur, as well as the book I’m reading ideal meow!
G’morning! As I sipped my coffee from my preferred feline teacup this morning, I got to believing about matte nail polish…

It’s not my preferred thing. They look like a vehicle with a paint task that was unexpectedly abandoned halfway.


But that dark purple matte from the Chanel autumn collection, though? *swoon* It’s everything. I’ve been hemming as well as hawing about whether I must “go there,” since I guaranteed myself after The fantastic Gel nail polish Debacle of summertime 2018 that I’d take much better care of my nails, as well as I told myself I’d care for them as well as paint them every week.

To that end, I’ve been using two coats of whichever polish has caught my eye every week (along with a base coat as well as shiny top coat), however the current polish that caught my eye just so occurs to be matte.

Go figure.


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Sooo, I understand that matte top coats exist, however using one now would absolutely interrupt the flow of my new nail polish master plan…which requires me to utilize the exact same base coat as well as shiny top coat weekly for consistency…

I know, I know! Clearly, I am Karen-ing this, as well as it’s spiraling to the Nth degree. I must just paint my damn nails already. ?

What are your feelings about matte nail polish? must I go there?

But first, some light reading…

This elegant (and très expensive) line of contemporary furniture is the new West Elm for cats, however if I really got one of those beds for ? Tabs…he’d neglect it as well as sleep in the box it came in instead!

How a new York Times columnist outsourced assist to discover exactly how to do her makeup in five minutes. (And it truly does noise like a five-minute look.)

Ruh-roh. specific brands are catching severe warm for digitally altering their swatch pics for “the ‘gram.”

In situation any type of of the huge dawgs are reading this, here’s exactly how I’ve been doing swatches for the past 11 years:

Bust out your arm.

Swipe some makeup on it.

Take pictures.

Seriously, it’s that easy!

The appeal brand rich is trying to motivate the advancement of native crops like avocado as well as vanilla in Guatemala to ideally reverse a few of the impacts of deforestation as well as environmental degradation there.

These Le Labo scents are created to evoke your preferred ?️ cities.

Quelle suprise! A mascara method I’ve never seen before: This unconventional technique includes keeping your eyes closed while you wiggle the brush.

Red maple leaf is a buzzy new skin care ingredient, as well as it might be the next huge thing for smoothing fine lines.

Even if you aren’t into Erykah Badu, you still have to enjoy this just for her makeup. Also, the person playing the matte black flute! Where was that flute when I was in band?!

Still on a lasagna kick.

Change my life, why don’t you?

What’s on your program this weekend? I got a late begin today, however I want to do a bit reading — this young adult suspense book called The book of Essie by Meghan MacLean Weir, as well as no, it’s not about nail polish (because I understand you were wondering, ha ha ha!). It’s about a girl, the youngest of six, who grows up in front of the cam as part of a truth TV show. She wishes to leave the show, however it isn’t easy, as well as she has to maneuver around her parents as well as the show’s producers like she’s living a chess game.


I’m about halfway through, as well as I can’t turn the pages quick enough!

Your friendly community appeal addict,