I was looking with some old photos of Tabs from last Christmas, such as this one. He was so pleased since he’d just redecorated his office…

Oh, as well as this one: this was his attire for the business Christmas party…


Simply put, he was a fashion genius.

The coat was customized made of the actual red carpet for the 85th feline Academy awards in 2014. That was the year Tabs won the Oscar for finest feline Actor…

Every year, he pulled out all the stops at Christmas… ?

Everybody understood it. He was fearless when it concerned fashion.

For sure, things are different at this new job. It’s much more serious. This will be my very first Christmas pet helping for PGR (Pretty woman Rosie), as well as even though her interests lie in academia, instead of being a kitty supermodel, she’s likewise a high achiever like Tabs.

I deeply miss working for Tabs the feline markets LLC, particularly this time around of year, however I likewise believe in PGR.


I can feel it — she’s going to achieve excellent things.

Your friendly community charm addict,