The make up For ever Aqua XL waterproof Eye Pencils ($25 each) — literally, there’s a shade for everyone!
Where are my watery-eyed ladies at? (*frantically waves arms above head*)

If you’re raising your hands, listen up!


And even if you aren’t raising your hands, still listen up.

If you’re in need of an uber-pigmented, budge-proof eyeliner, look no further. The make up For ever Aqua XL waterproof Eye Pencils have arrived, and they are the *BLEEEEEP!*

Make Up For ever teamed up with Charli XCX to create these 20 remarkable $21 shades, and let me tell you about the formula, because I’ve never met another eyeliner that does what these do — and I’ve met a lot of eyeliners.


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First, I’m so impressed by how smooth and pigmented they are. When first swatching them, I couldn’t believe how lightly I had to press to get a smooth, opaque line. There is no tugging or skipping here!

I did a look using shade M-26 (a matte pastel blue) on my upper lash lines, and I was able to get a wing with a pencil eyeliner.

I have never been able to do that before!

Because they are so smooth and blend-able, I was able to use a tiny angled brush to pull out the color to get that sharp wing I was looking for, and you do have some time to play and smudge if you’d like. but once they set, giiiirl, they are not moving around!

The new makeup forever Aqua XL Eye Pencil waterproof Eyeliners
Now back to why I think watery-eyed girls will love these: wear time. It is usually so pointless for me to line my waterline and tightline because my eyes just wash away the color within minutes, sometimes seconds, so after hearing about these pencils and their reputation, I had to give them a go.

You guys, this liner stays on my waterline THE. ENTIRE. DAY. I kid you not. I did my makeup and used ME-42 (a metallic bronze), and when I looked in the mirror to take off my makeup that night, ME-42 was still where I put it. That has never happened to me before.

I have found a few of them that only last a couple of hours, which is still great in my book, but many of them, including ME-42, last well over six hours.

ME-42 on my waterline; probably my favorite shade!

Among all of the delicious colors they have available, there’s something for everyone here.

From left to right: M-10 (matte black), D-12 (diamond black), M-14 (matte charcoal grey), S-20 (satiny navy blue), M-16 (matte white), M-22 (matte majorelle blue), I-24 (irridecent blue with green sparkles), M-26 (matte pastel blue), M-30 (matte pastel green), I-34 (iridescent pop green)
From left to right: I-32 (iridescent lagoon green), M-40 (matte pastel yellow), I-36 (iridescent khaki), ME-42 (metallic bronze), S-50 (satiny taupe), M-60 (matte dark brown), D-62 (diamond brown), M-80 (matte plum), I-90 (iridescent pop purple), M-92 (matte pastel purple)
If I’m being persnickety (I’ve always wanted to use that word), I do have two things that ever-so-slightly bug me.


First, I broke probably about eight of these pencils while doing these swatches because of how soft they are. and that was even with me trying to be careful! I’ve never had one break when I’ve been using it on my eyes, though, so that’s good. and they sharpen right up, so it’s not a big deal.

My other beef is that I just wish they had a nude shade to brighten up the eye, but again, that’s me being super picky. other than that, I have nothing negative to say about these.

Are you interested in trying any of these shades? There are so many to choose from!