I don’t understand exactly how this happened, since I believed I retired from assistant life, however somehow I was roped into preparing a number of Zoom classes for Rosie today. Apparently, she’s been mentor astrophysics on the side, in addition to being Connor’s #1 gal pal. A great deal of it was completely over my head, however Rosie seemed to understand what she was speaking about. She was really quite good to me as well as didn’t throw anything or swat at me when I couldn’t get the equations right.

All this is to state that Rosie is extremely thrilled about going back to institution next month. She asked me to make her a celebratory collar, as well as the specs were down to the millimeter. It was a extremely different experience compared to working together with Tabs, which makes sense; she’s a different cat. With Tabs, fashion style was much more of an organic couture process, whereas Rosie’s plans were comprehensive as well as precise.


Apparently, numbers are her forte. who knew? I discover something new about her every day. I somehow persuaded her to take these pictures, even though she told me, repeatedly, “I’m not a model. I’m an astrophysicist!” I’m trying to persuade her that she can do both.

Tabs (a.k.a. “The Master”)

Of course, it couldn’t be Sundays With Tabs without a few photos of the legend himself.


This purple collar is one of my favorites. It showed his softer side.

Your friendly community charm addict,