The new L’Oreal visible lift Blur Blushes, $12.99 each
One day you may discover yourself half-jokingly agreeing to run a half marathon.

Then, later, as the illustrious day approaches, you may discover yourself hoping that the people who invited you to run the race with them, fail to remember (oh please, oh please, oh please!).


Chances are, they won’t.

So you begin training.

During your very first 10-mile training run on the treadmill, perhaps you establish a wicked situation of chafing, as well as perhaps it’s directly under the middle strap of your sports bra, right there on your solar plexus.


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Maybe it hurts (it does, a lot).

And perhaps the only painkillers that seem to work at all are happy thoughts.

Happy thoughts about happy things, like blush. like the new L’Oreal visible lift Blur Blushes ($12.99 each, as well as offered in three shades).

From the left: Soft Pink, Soft Berry as well as Soft Peach
Hello, genius! That’s what these new blurring blushes are, particularly if you’re a dame of a specific age (if you catch my drift).

Imagine the slick, slippery, silicone-like feel of a Smashbox primer, however in more natural-looking colors, like light peach, medium pink as well as medium berry.

Introducing the L’Oreal visible lift Blur Blushes.

With a MAC Lipglass for scale
They feel type of like a mousse…and I believe they definitely make the skin tone as well as structure of my cheeks look more even as well as smoother.

Soft Peach
These are truly fantastic disciplinarians when it comes to those pores that are constantly trying to out-diva each other. I have some on the apples of my cheeks that are like Christina, Mariah, Beyonce as well as Celine, as well as these blushes make everybody play nice.

Whenever I wear one of them, my pores look mellower as well as smaller (but aren’t totally gone, of course), as well as I swear my skin looks smoother.

Soft Pink

I almost feel like a 20-something-year-old ingenue with boundless energy as well as optimism (please, just let me have this thing, LOL!), as well as not a semi-crabby, late-30-something-year-old chickadee who just truly wishes to eat a big plate of linguine as well as go to bed at 7:30.

Haha! Sorry, I made myself laugh.

Soft Berry
Wear time clocks in at about 5-6 hours.

PRICE: $12.99 each
AVAILABILITY: offered now at drugstores, Ulta as well as
MAKEUP as well as beauty blog RATING: B+ (an A- if they lasted a couple hours longer, as well as a solid A if they likewise didn’t contain silicones, which are quite high up on the component list)

So, runner’s rash.

Yup, my reliable Lululemon sports bra let me down (boo!), as well as running for me now is about as much fun as getting carrots stuck in your braces, as well as then stepping on a snail.

I’ve tried turning the bra inside out, putting on a huge bandage over the raw area as well as utilizing that Body Glide stuff, however nothing’s working.

I’ve done a bit reading on the subject, as well as it seems like I may requirement a more powerful — ugh, I do not enjoy this word — lubricant as well as a new sports bra.

This one, the CW-X Xtra support Running Bra III, gets rave evaluations from distance runners as well as triathletes. I’m not enthused about the $60 price, however a lot of reviewers state that it’s the only bra that doesn’t chafe them on long runs.

I like that the business is had by Wacoal (their comfy bras have never let me down), so I just ordered one from ideally it gets right here in time for my next long run on Friday.

In the interim, I may likewise grab one of these C9 Seamless Cami sports Bra by Champion. Their medium-support bras likewise get quite great evaluations from runners, particularly if you double up on them for a firmer hold.

I believe I may have to triple up on them now though…


Anyone else available experience from bra-related chafing? Anyone? Bueller?

Your friendly community beauty addict,