El Hub: Hater of Moisturizer, and Jeff Timmons lookalike (from certain angles)
I’ve seen a bunch of “My boyfriend does my makeup” videos on YouTube and, honestly, I think El Hub would do a decent job…

Granted, he’s been listening to me prattle on about makeup for yeeeeeears, and I’ve heard him say random things like, “Those brows, tho,” so I think he understands the basics.


Like, I know that he knows the difference between concealer and foundation and the order to apply things. Sure, he’d struggle with the blending, but don’t we all? I think that if he stuck to a neutral look, used just one eyeshadow and didn’t go crazytown on my cheeks, he’d do alright.

He’s kind of a joker, though, so I don’t know if he’d take it seriously… He’s liable to tell me that he’s doing a no-makeup makeup look, but I’d end up looking like Robert Smith after a rough night.

Props if you know who Jeff Timmons is!
How well do you think your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/partner would fare if they did your makeup? Inquiring minds want to know.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. good morning!!!! happy almost Friday, so allow me to wish you an early TGIF.

Today I have to run the grocery store at some point because I’m making the meat sauce for Connor’s birthday lasagna this weekend. I still don’t have an official recipe, BTW, ‎so I guess I’m gonna wing it.

Our little coywolf isn’t so little anymore. Today, March 2nd, is officially her birthday. here she was on her very first day on earth, exactly one year ago…


And here she is now!

And here’s the song that’s been making me super emo lately.

Warning: don’t listen to this unless you’re wearing waterproof mascara.