The $2.99 Trader Joe’s 1-2-3 secret Bag gift Set
Sometimes I feel like a lone wolf weirdo prancing my method with life…

But I know, deep down inside, that I cannot be the only person who gets inexpensive thrills out of things like the $3 Trader Joe’s secret Bags.


(Good mornin’, by the way.)

How awesome are these?! They’re supposedly offered at all Trader Joe’s stores in the US. For $2.99, you get a collection of three randomized recyclable TJ’s buying bags that are only offered during the holidays. The styles are regionally specific, so you just never understand if you’re going to get the bags from new York or Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Las vegas — YOU just DON’T KNOW.

I hope I get ones from far flung locales…like key West!


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I question — are there TJ’s stores in key West? Inquiring minds want to know. I’m going to try to hold off up until Christmas to open mine, however history has shown that I don’t have that type of restraint, ha ha ha.


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