Month March 2023

3 fun Facts about Connor Claire

fun fact #1: Although she likes wearing fancy dresses, sometimes she enjoys dressing casual, too (the jeggings and the top in these pics were a gift from her Uncle Al, who’s in one of the pics below). Fun fact #2:… Continue Reading →

The ’90s Were rough

old-fashioned Instagram… As somebody who came of age in the decade, I have lots of firsthand experience in many things ’90s. For one thing, if you sought stress relief with photos of adorable kitties or babies, you couldn’t just hop… Continue Reading →

Do You Do Knockoffs/Counterfeit Makeup?

This is all real stuff from theBalm, in case you were wondering. Have you ever purposefully picked up off-brand/fake/faux/knockoff makeup that you knew was nowhere near legit, but you got it anyway? Different versions of this story have been making… Continue Reading →

The Day in Beauty, Vol. 11: Tabby Tea Time, the L’Oreal Cleansing Balms, as well as Gooooo Science!

Let’s hear it for the boyyyys! I gotta hand it to El Hub as well as Tabs for always keeping me on my toes. Those two… I never understand what to expect from them, even besides this time. Like today… Continue Reading →

H&M cat lady Clothes, clothes for cat ladies in training and maternity Stuff, too

We are cat ladies; hear us ROAR! Or at least meow… Meeeeeow! ADVERTISEMENT I was really feelin’ the cat lady love at the San Francisco Union Square H&M store yesterday, where I was perusing the maternity section, but it was… Continue Reading →

MAC MACnificent Me! Collection | video Review, Pics and Swatches

MAC MACnificent Me: Eye shadow X 9 ($40) So, what would be MACnificent right now? how about a vanilla milkshake and some fries!? but that just might be me doin’ my #pregnantladythings. The upside of the new MAC MACnificent Me!… Continue Reading →

Meet MAC Mischief Minx From the MAC girls Collection and Her bevy of Bewitching warm Browns

minx: /miNGks/ an impudent, cunning or boldly flirtatious girl or young woman… Yas, girl, YASSS! Could the leopard print on the new MAC Mischief Minx palette be any a lot more cat lady? ? MEOW. ADVERTISEMENT You wanna know what’s… Continue Reading →

Eyelash Jackpot!

When Connor Claire was still in my tum, I really hoped as well as prayed that she’d come into this world safe, noise as well as healthy…and with her daddy’s lashes, LOL! I know, so silly. however El Hub’s lashes… Continue Reading →

#FancyLadyThings: Tom Ford FullScreen Lash Mascara

Tom Ford FullScreen Lash Mascara At the intersection of fancy lady Lane and Tom Ford charm Boulevard, you’ll find me — hello! — standing at the crossroads waving a tube of the new FullScreen Lash Mascara, which is — grasp… Continue Reading →

Makeup and beauty blog Monday Poll, Vol. 493

Smile, it’s Monday and Connor and I are your biggest fans! So…what is the Monday Poll? Well, it isn’t exactly a poll. It’s more of a constantly evolving (devolving?), somewhat random list of questions I’ve been putting out to readers… Continue Reading →

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