No, seriously, it’s THIS cold!
Creams. I’ve been wearing a ton of creams lately — cream foundation, cream blush, cream highlighter. more than usual. Basically, with this colder weather and the heater cranking, my skin has been extra dry. It gets painful, so I’ve been wearing more products with an emollient base.

And it doesn’t even get really, really cold here like it does back east! I can’t even think of how uncomfortable your skin must get sometimes if you live somewhere that gets below zero.


Creams definitely help me, and they last longer on my skin now than they do in summer. Heck, on really hot days in July, I’ll barely make it out the front door before I’ve already sweated (sweat?) away any cream products, but when it’s colder like now and my skin is drier than usual, it craves cream products and holds onto them better.

Hourglass Vanish Seamless finish foundation is one I’ve been wearing a lot. another one is Kjær Weis cream Foundation, which is GREAT. It’s one of those that doesn’t look like you’re wearing anything, but it has pretty good coverage (I also like their cream Blush).

Also, creamy, peachy pearl MAC cream Colour Base in Hush has been my go-to highlighter as of late.


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I notice that I haven’t been using as many powder products lately for my face. I mean, I’ll still set my cream foundation with a little bit of powder (MAC Mineralize Skinfinish is a favorite), but I’ll just the smallest amount.

When my skin gets really dry like this in winter and I use too much powder, the particles settle into my pores and fine lines, and I swear…it ages me. I look older. and as I get into my 40s — and we are gettin’ in there! — the less I wear, the younger I look.


How about you? What makeup products are you using more (or less) now that the weather’s colder?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,