Dreaming of an limitless summer…
Hi, beautiful! I can’t stop smiling since it’s a three-day weekend. ? Monday is Labor Day right here in the U.S., as well as I’m so ecstatic about having an additional day to chill (even though we’re in the midst of a heatwave). I hope you have a nice, long weekend, too.

I have this theory that if every weekend was a three-day weekend, people would be sooo much happier. I understand I’d be. I’d be dancing in the streets! Actually, dancing everywhere, who am I kidding?


It was 80 degrees at 9 a.m. today, as well as it’s meant to hit 106 this afternoon. That’s crazy hot, man. I don’t understand what we’re gonna do, however we’ll have to get out of the home soon. Today is one of those days when not having air conditioning is inconvenient.

I understand this is nothing compared to Hurricane Harvey, however still… quite hot.

Maybe we’ll go to the shopping center later. Or go to Cheesecake factory as well as have a three-hour lunch, which I was really believing about doing.


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I desire I might do some lazy surfing at an simple beach somewhere. That would be fun. I do have a wet fit as well as booties… No surfboard, though. I’d have to lease or borrow one since I offered mine a while back. I know, unfortunate face. however let’s get real. even with temps in the triple digits, there’s still no method I’m getting in the water here. It’s as well chilly for me.

Now, the water at the pool? Maybe…

What are you as much as this weekend? I’ve got some new links for you to wet your weekend reading whistle.

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I’ve been listening to this on repeat…


Have a spectacular Saturday, my friend! state hi if you get a chance.

Your friendly community appeal addict,