GURL, let me tell you something…
Nope, I haven’t. Not yet. Although I have come very close…

So close that I had my phone out and my fingers hovering millimeters over the number pad to call a customer service line one time last year.


It was relating to an occurrence at a particular store (which shall not be named, just because I don’t feel like ganging up on them in public). I was there checking out NARS and took out my phone to check some notes I’d made earlier in the day.

It was my day off (Saturday), and I was delighted to just be there playing with makeup. I thought, “Hey, why don’t I do a quick tweet with a photo of some NARS shadows and give a special shout-out to this great store that I love so much?”

Well, one of the gals working there saw me take the photo with my phone and loudly, and not-so-nicely, bought me to stop, saying that photography in the store wasn’t allowed.


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I understand being told to stop. It was their company policy, but after that, the girl hovered over me until I deleted the pic, saying that she didn’t depend on me to do it on my own.

Yes, she actually said that to my face.

I get that some places don’t allow pics, but honestly, I was pretty p*ssed. Not about the policy, but about the approach.

Maybe the girl was having a bad day, but I still felt like she could’ve handled it with a lot more finesse.

I was actually at the store to stock up on some skin care and makeup and planned to drop a good chunk of change (I’d been really looking forward to the visit), but I was so turned off by the way I was treated that I just walked out ideal then and there. later at home I purchased the products online from somewhere else.

I haven’t purchased anything from that store since, and now, whenever I walk by it at the mall, I curse them under my breath (“A pester on both your houses!”). and when the store ever comes up in casual conversation, I always re-tell that story…

How about you? have you ever called to complain about someone at a store or makeup counter (please, no names)?


Your friendly neighborhood appeal addict,