Tabs the cat “Be Your best Self” rule #267: When the sun is out, it’s time to make a statement. and what better way to make a statement about how much you enjoy sunshine than by wearing a sunflower ? cat collar?

Today’s patrol was more about catching rays and making a fashion statement than keeping away cat and canine intruders. It was hot yesterday, and it looks like it’s gonna be hot today. We had every fan in the house going yesterday, and it was still uncomfortable for the human employees, but Tabs wouldn’t have it any other way.


He loves it when it’s hot. ?

He’ll seek out the sunniest, hottest spot wherever he is, plop himself down, and proceed to take a nap.

I’m totally not kidding; I think he’s solar powered.

But he’s also #poweredbygreens, and all the grass on the hill has turned brown, so the salad sitch is currently poor. As Tabs put it in his Yelp review, “The quality of this restaurant has gone down.”


They have fabulous outdoor seating, though.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,