I enjoyed the best motion picture last night, and I liked it so much that the first thing I did this morning was start it at the beginning again while I had my coffee (I’m still on the decaf kick).

It’s called far From the Madding crowd and stars Carey Mulligan and a dude named Matthias Schoenaerts, whom I can’t remember seeing before, but note to self: I like the name Matthias.


There’s intrigue; multiple love triangles; a lamb as an engagement gift, which, not gonna lie, if a strapping farmer dude rolled up with a lamb and said, “Marry me,” I’d say yes (assuming I wasn’t already married); a smarmy soldier — generally all sorts of drama. highly recommended.

Well, the funny thing is, a few years ago I wasn’t into English period pieces at all, and I think it was leftover trauma from college. I was an English major and at one point took an obscene number of British literature classes. I was just reading a whole bunch of 19th-century British lit over a matter of months, and by the end of it, I was so exhausted that I stayed away from period pieces for a long time…

But now I’m back!

I blame Downton Abbey…

So, open thread. I feel like doing one today because I’m in the mood to chat. topics are your choice (we don’t have to talk about English period pieces, unless you want to).


See you in the comments!

Your friendly neighborhood appeal addict,