Slowly, she pulled herself up atop the rocky plateau, then stood tall as well as gazed out across the huge horizon. It seemed like all of eternity stretched out before her. She might see for numerous miles in every direction, the mountains, the rivers, the valleys as well as forests, the endless sky as well as the far-off sea. There were towns as well as cities far below that appeared like bit dots. Suddenly, with every fiber of her being, she roared into the excellent beyond: “I DID MY HAIR TODAY!!!”

Honestly, I just needed to feel a bit bit a lot more like myself, ya know? — since I’ve had it up in a untidy bun all week long. Seriously, I haven’t even bothered to run a clean with it. That’s exactly how worn out I’ve been, however when I woke up this morning, I was like, “Karen, do your damned hair.”


So I did. I did my damned hair.

Here’s a excellent hair tutorial on utilizing the T3 Bodywaver to get huge curls

I was randomly cruising “the YouTube” last night as well as trying to find different methods to utilize my T3 Bodywaver curling iron when as well as came upon this short video by one of T3’s head stylists (head as in top, haha). It shows this method where you slowly unwrap each section of hair from the barrel in such a method that the curls maintain a lot more of a wavy pattern at the ends.

I tried it this morning, as well as yay! quite great results.


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So it’s all about the little victories.

Time to stock up on Aveda

I likewise wished to do my hair today since I washed it last night (and I’m so delighted about that!) partly since I wished to try some things from Aveda. I’ve been stocking up on color preserving shampoos as well as conditioners because, ya know…I’m getting my hair done as well as colored tomorrow, as well as I figure that considering that I don’t understand exactly how long it’ll be before my next trip to the salon (kinda revolves around BG’s schedule), I want to get as lots of color preserving products up in the mix now as I can.

Last night I started by utilizing Aveda’s color save Shampoo ($21) as well as color save Conditioner (also $21).

Ah… Both have that type of warm herbal amber as well as cinnamon Aveda fragrance I love, with notes of rosemary, lavender as well as lemon thrown in.

Smells so refreshing as well as abso-friggin’-lutely delicious!

I’m likewise breaking in some new (well, new to me) Aveda styling products, which I put in my hair last night while it was still damp.

I had this long conversation about hair with my good friend Christine, who has a two-year-old named Harry, at the infant shower last weekend. She stated that even after two years considering that Harry’s arrival, a few of her hair is still falling out. She was like, “Don’t concern as well much about it. just begin utilizing products to add volume now,” so last night I added some Aveda Thickening Tonic ($28), which I sprayed on my hair after I dried it with a towel. then I combed it with with a wide-toothed comb as well as utilized the blowdryer.

The tonic is meant to thicken the bejeezus out of your hair (so fingers crossed!) and, um…I likewise utilized Aveda’s Smooth Infusion style Prep-Smother ($24), which is meant to bolster your hair against high humidity for as much as 12 hours.

Now…it hasn’t been extremely damp right here lately at all, however I’m believing that with El Niño in the home as well as the really, truly rainy season coming, things must get incredibly damp up in here, so this is like hair preventative maintenance. may also likewise put a few of this stuff in my hair! perhaps it’ll assist whatever hairstyle I do this weekend last with the rainy season.

Have you utilized any type of of these or other Aveda products lately? They’re all part of the long-term line.

Also, what’s your official setting on low-maintenance hair?

What constitutes “low-maintenance hair” for you? I understand that lots of women cut their hair short after they have a baby. I have to be honest…I desire I might cut my hair short, however whenever I have short hair, it ends up being higher maintenance for me since I can’t just put it back in a ponytail or straighten or curl it someday of the week, as well as then just utilize dry shampoo the rest of the time. as well as I can’t braid it before bed as well as get up the next morning with waves. When my hair is short, I have to style it daily as well as get it trimmed every six weeks, so it ends up being a bigger pain in the butt.

But perhaps I’m checking out it wrong. What do you think? What’s the very best low-maintenance hair?

It was a Guerlain spring 2016 kinda day…

I really put on a bit makeup today to see my OB/GYN (gotta go weekly from right here on out).

I made a decision that I might manage Guerlain spring 2016. Here’s what I wore…

Guerlain Météorites Base ($74) — My makeup absolutely looks a bit smoother with this lovely pearlescent deal with primer, which I used with NARS matte foundation.

Météorites Voyage outstanding Compacted Pearls Of Powder ($179) — This refillable pressed powder has a combination of corrective as well as illuminating shades for a variety of skintones… seems a bit light for me as well as kinda purple. I utilized it as a highlighter.

Rose Aux Joues blush Duo Smile blush ($62) — A truly quite blush as well as highlighter duo with a deep pink blush on one side as well as a lighter pink highlighter on the other.

Spring glow Buttercup Eyeshadow ($34) — I utilized this pigmented gold shadow with Khaki Driver, one of the collection’s two eyeliners, which I utilized as a base. then I put the shadow on top on my lids.

Le Crayon Yeux in Blackjack as well as Khaki motorist ($31 each) — Both of these liners feel great as well as smooth. I wouldn’t phone call them epic, however they get the task done.

The thing about Guerlain, though? They’re one of those lines that always makes me feel great when I wear it. I’m not always sure why (could be the vibe as well as the packaging), however it’s true.

Happy Friday, my friend. I hope your week wrapped up on a excellent note. I’m looking ahead to getting my hair did tomorrow, as well as then after that I have a great deal of puttering to do around the house. I’m in full-on nesting mode now, as well as I have nonstop infant prep to do. other than that, it’s the incredibly BOWL!


Who’s gonna win? Tabs wants the Panthers, of course…

Your friendly community appeal addict,