There’s a new stick in town…
I’m no She-Ra/She-Hulk, but those push-ups and rows I’ve been doing in my high-intensity interval training classes need to be paying off, because I inadvertently broke two of these MAC studio QuikTrik Sticks.

Mostly, it’s because they’re very soft, and in some ways, that’s great, because it makes them so easy to blend. On the other hand, though — broken sticks. Don’t press too hard.


These creamy $32 sticks do a bit of everything. They’re like blushes, contouring products and highlighting sticks in one.

Kinda sorta like MAC’s version of the NARS Multiples (except not explicitly recommended for use on your lips and eyes), they’ve been available for while, and MAC says they’re for use all over your face.

The 6 MAC QuikTrik Sticks
I’ve only used them as blushes and for highlighting so far, so if you’ve used them on your lips and eyes, please let me know how it’s gone for you.


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They’re incredibly creamy, incredibly soft, easy to blend, and they look a little dewy on the skin, right? They’ve got that glow happening that I love.

The formula stays a bit — gosh, what’s the ideal word? — tacky? Wet?

I don’t want to say “wet,” so I’ll just say “creamy” instead. It stays creamy for an hour or so before completely drying down, and that makes them easy to blend. Of course, if they dried down to a powder a lot more quickly, they would probably last longer…

On my combination skin, without anything else on top of them, they last between 4-6 hours, which isn’t bad. You could probably also extend that by layering a powder product on top and, depending on what you used, still keep the shine. For instance, you could add a powder blush with a sheen or a highlighter with a sheen or sparkle. but that’s if you’re hardcore.

MAC studio QuikTrik Sticks
$32, available in six limited edition shades; available now online and in-stores through December 15, 2016

“Transformation is only a swipe away with M·A·C studio QuikTrik Stick. using limitless options for highlighting, contouring, bronzing or just adding the best pop of colour, these double-ended, multi-use sticks debut in smart shades to enhance your look anywhere, any way you choose. This multi-tasker’s creamy formula is sheer enough to supply subtle yet buildable colour. who doesn’t love a little face time?”


BARE end / EARTHNUT – Bare End: Light golden champagne shimmer / Earthnut: muted medium beige

SOFTLY DOES IT / tight and TAWNY – Softly Does It: very light pink shimmer / tight and Tawny: Light taupe

GINGER SPIKED / COUNTERPOINT – Ginger Spiked: Soft pink with fine spun gold shimmer / Counterpoint: Midtone bluish pink

A LATTE SHEEN / SEMISWEET – A Latte Sheen: Light copper with gold and silver shimmer / SemiSweet: muted golden bronze

MISS CUPCAKE / TOMATO – miss Cupcake: soft pinky peach with fine spun golden shimmer / Tomato: brilliant bright coral

ALL AFLUSH / here YOU GO – All Aflush: rose with copper sparkle / here You Go: Deep reddish burgandy

Wearing Counterpoint and Ginger Spiked
Ginger Spiked/Counterpoint, miss Cupcake/Tomato, All Aflush/Here You Go

From the left: Softly Does It/Tight and Tawny, Bare End/Earthnut and A Latte Sheen/Semi-Sweet
All up in my paws for scale
I think that cream products do sit differently on the skin than powders do alone, and you get a completely different look when you layer a powder on top of them. Powder alone can often look flat, but when you apply a powder on top of a cream, you get a lot more dynamic and interesting textures and colors with a lot more dimension.

Here I’m wearing Counterpoint as a blush on the apples of my cheeks and Ginger Spiked as a highlighter on my upper cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose and at my temples.

I like the dewy look… I didn’t set them with anything, so I kept them looking creamy, and I had to reapply after about five hours.


Earlier I pointed out the NARS Multiples, and while I haven’t used the Multiples in a while, I remember them being slightly drier than these. I think these are a bit much easier to blend.

Your friendly neighborhood appeal addict,