have you heard? Christian Louboutin is introducing a new line of lipsticks at Saks, as well as each lipstick — as in each single tube — is ninety freakin’ dollars. OMG!

I mean, I absolutely get the appeal of high-end, special makeup (Hello, Chanel!), however $90 for a single product makes a $50 Tom Ford lippie look like a freakin’ discount. That’s craziness.


The funny thing is that I would spend that much (or more) on a single skin care product if I liked it as well as understood it helped me, like Skinceuticals C + E Ferulic Serum (which generally saved my skin when I was experiencing horrible hormonal chin acne), which is $162, however that’s skin care, as well as the method I look at it, I online with my skin day in, day out.

But a lipstick is a lot more temporary, as well as I can’t see myself using a $90 lipstick, or any type of lipstick for that matter, everyday for long since I modification my mind about color so often. Plus, IT’S $90 FOR A LIPSTICK! My mom, the lovable cheapskate that she is, might extremely well kill me if she ever discovered out, LOL!

No, really. She would kill me with a long-@ss lecture on frugality as well as the value of saving for a rainy day.


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This was my long-winded method of stating that I’d choose the latter option, aka the lot of products. No $90 Loub lipstick for this girl.

How about you? Which one would you pick? The $90 Loub lipstick, or $90 worth of other products instead?

Would you rather spend $90 on a Christian Louboutin Lipstick or $90 to get a lot of other products instead?


fail to remember the lipstick! I’d rather get a lot of other products instead.

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