even though our old front lawn was a bit of a mess, overgrown as well as extremely “lived in,” Tabs liked it much more than anyone. To him, it was a gateway to adventure. So numerous sassy birds, vibrant lizards, fascinating insects as well as aromatic flowers to smell. It was likewise the tapestry of his feline fashion designs. It’s where he got numerous of his finest ideas.

But with Tabs living his finest afterlife now over the Rainbow Bridge, the time has come for a front lawn revamp. It’s not rather done, however it’s getting there, as well as I feel like Tabs would authorize of the style decisions. It’s kind of Mediterranean with a touch of southern Belle…just like Tabs.


Rosie’s landscape influence

It likewise shows Rosie’s much more minimalist style aesthetic, with much more unfavorable area than there was before. She’s just beginning to get comfortable going for walks on her leash as well as checking out the neighborhood.


She’s discovering fast!

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