You most likely already understood this…but the Internet? type of outstanding sometimes!

I mean, not only can you purchase shoes with the push of a few buttons as well as have them provided to you from countless miles away (shoe miracles), however you can satisfy as well as get to understand people from around the world.


Today I genuine life satisfied Steph, who lives remove across the country, however because she was going to be out this way, we made a date to connect.

Steph as well as I have been chatting on the internet in the comments right here on the blog as well as Instagram off as well as on for at least five or six years, as well as I lastly got the possibility to hang out with her in person today.


Hi, Steph!

We walked around Sausalito for a bit, which is a adorable town on the north side of the golden entrance Bridge, as well as did some sightseeing as well as window buying at one of my preferred stores, the Sausalito Ferry Co. They offer all type of cheeky toys as well as snarky cards as well as magnets as well as things like the teacup kitties in that picture at the top.

It was such a good day! as well as it was a genuine enjoyment lastly satisfying you in actual person, Steph.