$46 Tom Ford cream color for Eyes cream Eyeshadow in Spice
I’ve been trying to get myself available much more in the charm biz lately, going to much more work lunches as well as work coffees, partly to get out of the house/baby jail, as well as when I do venture out, Connor typically chills with my mom, however likewise to network as well as get some different perspectives as well as profession ideas.

I don’t truly believe about not blogging on MBB, however it’s been 10 years, as well as I do feel the desire to spread my wings as well as likewise try other things. I don’t know, really.


So when I’ve gone to these lunch meetings this summer, I’ve used Tom Ford cream color for Eyes in flavor to rather a few of them. In my opinion, it says, “Yes, I’m responsible…but I likewise understand makeup, as well as I can blend the living crap of the outer third if requirement be.”


Ironically, or at least interestingly to me, lately when I’ve satisfy people who work in the makeup industry, many of them aren’t using a great deal of makeup. I utilized to expect that people in the biz would, because, you know, they’re in the trenches, however many of them don’t do a glam full-face beat to go to coffee on a Tuesday.


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When I go to these meetings, I want to make a great impression, as well as I like the pairing of warm golden bronze flavor with a matte powder shadow in my crease (usually MAC Soba or Saddle).

Then I tight line with some black liner as well as add a couple coats of mascara.

I believe it’s an elegant, timeless, expert eye look.


Spice is $46 and, therefore, crazy expensive, however I suggest it to anybody with a 30-plus or 40-plus lid circumstance who’s searching for one brown cream shadow to guideline them all.

Most shimmery brown shadows are frosty as well as practically metallic, however if you have fine lines or hooded lids like I do, those frosty metallics, while very awesome on the pages of a glossy magazine, draw much more interest than the bat-signal.

Tom Ford flavor isn’t blindingly frosty. It’s glossy as well as has fine pearl, however it isn’t like stepping in front of a 40,000-watt Hollywood searchlight.

Actually, when I wear it on my lids, I believe I may even look a bit younger as well as less tired. That might be wishful thinking, though, HA! I didn’t sleep well for a few days last weekend when it was 100+ degrees right here like death Valley, as well as when I looked in the mirror this morning I believed I saw Uncle Fester.

I don’t believe you’ll discover simpler cream shadows to utilize than Tom Ford’s, either. They feel wet as well as airy, practically like awesome Whip, as well as they’re simple to scoot around on your lids (you have about a minute to play with them). They don’t tug, as well as I’ve never had a pot dry out on me. These infants stay creamy for years.

On that note, #makeuphoarders. LOL!

They’re likewise long-lasting as well as simple to develop up in layers, so if you DO want to do a glam full-face beat, you can. this likewise works well with many of my neutral palettes.


I would PANIC if this were ever discontinued, y’all. like full-scale orange alert.

Your friendly community charm addict,