The summertime o’ Skin care continues…
Back when I was breaking “out on the regular,” Caudalie’s deal with lotion was one of a handful of products that got me with life. I’m a fiery fan of this French brand, particularly their moisturizers. I’ve gone with a lot more bottles of their deal with moisturizers, body moisturizers as well as their hand as well as nail cream throughout the years than I can count.

I understand the brand, as well as I understand their products work for me, so I couldn’t wait to pat-pat-pat as well as try their new Vinoperfect Concentrated Brightening Essence ($42).


First things first, it is NOT a toner. Let’s get that straight. It’s better to a incredibly watery glycolic serum, as well as girl, you understand I’ve been all about those glycolics lately.

I just desire it provided the portion of glycolic acid it consists of on the component list, since that would make The summertime of Skin care sooo much easier.

Remember last week exactly how I pointed out that I’ve been integrating glycolic products of different strengths into my regimen — one mild, one medium as well as one strong? So I desire I understood which classification to data Vinoperfect Brightening Essence under.


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Based on exactly how my skin feels after utilizing it — which I understand is totally not scientific in any way — I’m guessing that it’s on the extremely moderate end of the glycolic spectrum. After I apply it (following the directions, I put a few huge drops in my palm, which I then pat on my deal with as well as neck after washing my face), I get less of a tingly kick than I get from Pixi glow Mud Cleanser, which is a 5% glycolic acid product. My skin just feels like it’s going, “Ah…” as well as it looks pleasantly plump as well as hydrated.

But does it brighten as well as kick pigmentation the eff out? The jury is still out on that… It’s extremely gentle — perhaps as well gentle for me. I suspect that the Drunk Elephant vitamin C serum I’ve likewise been utilizing has been doing a lot of of the heavy lifting in the pigmentation reduction department. If the Essence has helped, its assist has been minor.

I still plan to keep it in the mix for now as my moderate glycolic for the days AFTER I utilize a retinol product at night. Retinols are meant to accelerate skin’s natural renewal rate, but, basically, your deal with feels tight as well as uneasy for a few days after utilizing them, particularly when you very first start.

Anyway, I utilized Chantecaille’s Retinol Intense+ for the very first time last week, as well as I couldn’t manage any type of aggressive products for a few days afterward. I might manage Vinoperfect Essence, though.

Caudalie suggests pairing Vinoperfect Essence with their Vinoperfect gleam Serum, which has an component they phone call viniferine, which is originated from grape vine sap as well as is meant to be a a lot more efficient antioxidant than vitamin C.

I utilized the serum ages back as well as keep in mind liking exactly how moisturizing it was, however after I completed the bottle, I didn’t notice a huge modification in tone.

I’ve been providing it one more try, together with Essence, in the hope that Essence would unlock the serum’s true power…but so far I still feel the exact same way. It’s moisturizing, as well as I like exactly how it layers under products as well as makeup, however as far as its capability to minimize bright spots, I believe vitamin C works much better for me.

The serum may be much better for somebody who needs milder pigment reduction than I do as well as isn’t contending with as much sun damage.

I’ll most likely utilize it with the Essence up until I surface the bottle, since it is rather expensive ($79 for one ounce).


Are you a Caudalie fan? I believe their moisturizers are BOMB.

Your friendly community appeal addict,