Essie Gel Couture nail polish in labels only ($11.50), my present nail crush
This periwinkle makes me believe of this time when Jen as well as I were college students, as well as we were killing a long time at a bookstore since we were both singers in her dad’s Saturday rock band.

You know, one of those bands that only played when a week at random functions. I believe it was somebody’s sixteenth birthday party.


We were sitting there looking with a magazine… We need to have been in our early 20s at the time, as well as I can’t keep in mind why, however the magazine we were looking with was a wedding event magazine.

I keep in mind stating to her, “One day we’re gonna be doing this for real,” as well as she was like, “Oh, my gawd!” Previous to that, we’d never talked about planing our weddings before. It just never came up.

About my far-off future wedding, I distinctly keep in mind stating in that conversation, “I’m gonna have you in a periwinkle dress!”


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But things didn’t go down that way. Both she as well as my BFF Cindy ended up using extremely tasteful dark brown J. team gowns to opt for our other color, which was Tiffany Blue.

So…periwinkle wasn’t included in any type of type or fashion, however I did have periwinkle wedding event dreams when upon a time (so random!).

Maybe that’s why I like Essie labels only from their Gel Couture line.

Essie labels Only
The Gel Coutures are GREAAAT. They dry swiftly as well as last a long time, as well as even among the Gel Couture line, labels only lasts longer than a few of the other shades do for me. I get a full week’s worth of wear utilizing two layers as well as the Essie Gel Couture top coat (you don’t have to utilize a base coat with these).

It isn’t just a straight-up periwinkle, either. It has trick pink shimmer, which you can type of see in the top pic.

You can’t go wrong with trick shimmer, ya know?

It’s offered now for $11.50 at Ulta.


What are you using on your nails today?

Your friendly community appeal addict,