old-fashioned Instagram…
As somebody who came of age in the decade, I have lots of firsthand experience in many things ’90s. For one thing, if you sought stress relief with photos of adorable kitties or babies, you couldn’t just hop on “the ‘gram” to get your fix. You had to, like, discover a genuine life feline with some kittens, or phone call somebody you understood with a adorable baby, since seeing them in person was your only option.

Now, though, you can see kitties whenever as well as anywhere you want! IT’S CRAZY.


No text messaging likewise made rapid-fire text flirting as well as witty banter difficult. If you wished to send a coy note to somebody you had a crush on, you couldn’t just whip out your phone as well as send a text. You had to compose it on a piece of paper, then covertly stick the paper in their locker as well as run away as quick as possible.

This is something I have mixed feelings about, because, on the one hand, if texting had been a thing back then, I feel that my teasing text messaging game would have been on point. Yeah, I would’ve killed it. however I likewise wouldn’t have my present collection of old letters, as well as there’s something charming about personal notes that you can physically hold in your hand.

What are some other things that were tougher in the ’90s? Well…stalking your ex was a great deal harder than it is now, although it was still totally doable, HAHA! Yeah, my good friends as well as I understand this for a fact. In one incident, I spent 20 minutes hiding behind some crooked palm trees at the pool (long story).


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Let’s just state that there were more hoops to jump through, whereas nowadays all you gotta do is press a few buttons to bring up Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Kids today! You don’t even understand what we had to go through…

In 1993, with unplucked brows as well as my natural hair color

Also, if you wished to understand something — like a factoid about Mars, or exactly how to do some task in routine life, like exactly how to make a kick-@ss egg sandwich, exactly how to cut a watermelon, or exactly how to compose a appropriate say thanks to you note to somebody who gifted you a glass fruit bowl — you couldn’t just type on your phone to get the answer. You had to go to this put called “a library,” or go to your friend’s home to look it up in their encyclopedias (which were always at least two years out of date), or you had to really phone call somebody on the phone. Like, you had to take your finger, as well as utilize it to push mechanical buttons on the phone! Siri wasn’t around.

Oh, as well as speaking of phones! — you couldn’t just, like, phone call somebody while you were walking to microbiology class at 10:15 a.m. on a Tuesday. You had to wait on the bus (because Uber didn’t exist), take the bus home, then wait on your stupid-@ss roommate to get off the freakin’ phone to ensure that you might make your phone call from the shared phone in the kitchen.


They were rough times, my friend. rough times.

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