Tabs got together with almost everyone.

Almost, with the exception of a few people as well as cats, including his business nemesis Harris, who staged a hostile takeover attempt of Tabs the feline Industries, LLC a few years ago.


It failed, of course. Tabs adeptly defended his ownership of the business by buying all of the outstanding shares from the other members of the board of feline directors (didn’t hurt that he likewise sent them care packages of canned tuna in gravy).

Even though he’d been defeated, Harris never let up. He continued to torment Tabs for years, commonly attempting to sneak onto business property. Luckily, Tabs was always right here to protect it.

When Tabs passed away last year, we believed Harris would provide up as well as set his sights on a new business conquest.

But obviously that was wishful thinking…

Rosie to Harris, “Get off our property!”

Rosie as well as I have been going for walks on Sunday mornings now, like Tabs as well as I utilized to.

She doesn’t take business security rather as seriously as Tabs did. She’s more into checking out as well as getting the lay of the land, nibbling on grass shoots as well as keeping an eye on the regional turkeys.

But assumption who showed up this morning?

Yup, Harris.

And Rosie wasn’t having any type of of it. She made it clear right away that Tabs the feline Industries, LLC was still off limits, as well as he would have to move along.


I don’t understand if he got the message, however I hope so. She made it loud as well as clear.

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