using the Smashbox full exposure Palette
Here’s a hump day (yes…I really failed to remember what day of the week it was as well as only just now realized it two hours after publishing this post, LOL!) morning makeup idea for easier, a lot more mixed eye looks… utilize several shift colors, instead of just one shift color or none at all.

Two of my preferred shift colors: MAC Soft brown (top) as well as MAC Saddle (bottom)
For instance, for a smoothly mixed brown smokey eye, utilize the darkest shadow color on your lid (MAC Ground Brown), then a somewhat lighter color in your crease (MAC Saddle), as well as a somewhat lighter color than that moving up the crease (MAC Soft Brown), to ensure that you have a smooth gradient that goes from darkest to lightest.


Smokey eye ’til I die! using theBalm’s Balmsai palette
Wearing the MAC Alluring Aquatic collection
STORM enjoy 2014! as well as other schtuff…

OK, so, first, the huge stuff.

It is storming! I’ve seen two emergency flash-flood informs on TV so far this morning, as well as I’m enjoying a torrent of water in the storm drain on the hill outside. There’s a major storm hitting northern California ideal now, as well as it’s meant to be a poor one.

Tabs, El Hub as well as I online on a hill, so we’re ideally risk-free from the flooding, for now. There’s likewise the possibility of our location just moving down the hill in a mudslide, which makes me type of nervous…


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I believe we’ll be fine. electrical energy may go out soon though.

I’ve been trying to distract myself by enjoying makeup videos, as well as I discovered a crop of fabulous one-minute vids on the MAC web site called immediate Artistry.

They’re just quick, bit blurbs. Each one covers a single topic, like two-tone lips or ombre eyeshadow.

The looks are mainly easily accessible as well as not outrageously cray-cray, which makes me think, “Hey! I can do that.”

Assuming the power stays on, as well as I’m able to really see what I’m doing, I’m going try the look in the colored eyeliner video today.


I assumption if I were to attempt it in the dark…that may likewise be type of fun, haha!

Your friendly community appeal addict,