Smith & Cult exit the Void: Day 1
How long will it last? THAT’S the question. Let’s discover out! paint Chips is a series where I paint my paws with two coats of polish, a base coastline as well as a top coat, as well as see exactly how long it lasts.

Even if you aren’t a hardcore makeup collector — even if you’re just a part-time product enthusiast — you most likely keep in mind at least one product that turned a laid-back rate of interest into a full-blown brand obsession. For me, one such product was Smith & Cult exit the Void.

I’d used a couple of shades from Smith & Cult before, however oh, my goodness… When I found this creamy periwinkle blue (came out with their spring 2017 collection), it took my eyeballs by surprise!


It appears like a ideal spring sky — that dreamy, rich blue that rocks your world after so numerous months of dreary, wintry gray. It brings a smile to my deal with whenever I see it on my nails.

What makes me truly happy, though, is exactly how pigmented it is (one coat is like three coats of any type of other brand) as well as exactly how freaking long it lasts.

And dude, I beat the crap out of my nails. I’m serious, these bad hands. I put them with a lot. great deals of typing, infant handling, kitty handling, chores, as well as even some weightlifting as well as burpies (which are the devil’s work). My nail polish, to paraphrase Rihanna, needs to work, work, work, work, work, work.


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Exit the Void, when I used it with a Sally Hansen eco-friendly Tea + Bamboo base coat as well as OPI top coat (they’re my present faves), looked ideal for five days. Then, about halfway with the fifth day, the very first chips started to appear.

But that’s fantastic for me! I left it on to see exactly how long it might go before it passed the absolute point of no return.

Smith & Cult exit the space after five days

Smith & Cult exit the space after five days
That occurred on day eight. The chips on my left hand didn’t get any type of worse, however they were joined by huge chips on my best hand.

Smith & Cult exit the space after eight days
For me, though, this is legendary in terms of wear. With many manis, by day three or four I practically always see at least a few chips, so to get a full five days rocks. I bet that if I took much better care of my nails as well as reapplied my top coat after a few days, I might prolong exit the space to at least a week.


It’s $18 a bottle, which I understand is type of cray, however it’s such a beautiful color. If you’re feeling blue in the very best possible way, I can’t suggest it enough.

Your friendly community charm addict,