The Smith & Cult holiday Trio in Red as well as shine ($54, offered now at Neiman Marcus stores as well as online)
I can haz Smith & Cult paw polishes…? since I’d like a wall of shelves full of them.

It’s the bottles, man! I might spend hours starting at the bottles…


It’s as if whoever created the bottle plumbed the depths of my makeup-loving spirit for things that make my heart flutter, like the cursive typography, the large glass, the oval curves as well as the Dali-like cap (it appears like it’s melting!).

I like it when appeal products are actually, like, beautiful…and I friggin’ like these bottles.

Smith & Cult Nailed Lacquer in Shattered Souls
These three fun shades are part of the new $54 Smith & Cult Red as well as shine holiday Trio offered now at Neiman Marcus stores as well as online. The trio includes three full-size bottles of Smith & Cult Nailed Lacquer from the brand’s long-term line in poppy red Kundalini Hustle, creamy eggplant Dark like Me as well as golden glittery Shattered Souls.


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Kundalini Hustle as well as Dark like Me are both completely opaque, while Shattered Souls is shine in a remove base.

As far as bargains go…this isn’t one of those sets. Smith & Cult nail polishes normally offer for $18 each, so $54 for three doesn’t make up a cost break, however I still believe you get a great combination of complementary colors (there’s likewise one more trio offered with pastels).

Smith & Cult Nailed Lacquer in Kundalini Hustle

Other than the bottles, which I believe are beautiful, I like exactly how opaque Smith & Cult’s Nailed Lacquers are. They’re so pigmented as well as rich that there’s a great possibility you’ll only requirement a single layer. The clean likewise fans out to completely spread that smooth paw paint around your nails.

Each layer takes just under 10 minutes to dry, so I wouldn’t phone call the formula “quick drying,” however it’s still quite quick. Some Essie polishes can take as much as an hour.

When I do my nails, the conditions are seldom (as in never) optimal, like Tabs is trying to hop on my lap, or El Hub is throwing pillows at me, or I’m half asleep as well as painting my nails in the living space before bed, however no matter what, when I utilize Smith & Cult, my nails end up appearing like they were painted by a pro.

I’m a huge fan of the formula, particularly now.

Smith & Cult Nailed Lacquer in Dark like Me
When I very first started using Smith & Cult, the wear time seemed generally alright — like around four or five days — when I utilized used them with a base as well as top coat.

So not legendary or fantastic… just OK.

But I believe something may have altered within the past few months. I don’t understand if it’s just my imagination, or if the formula changed, however they’ve been enduring longer. now they go six or seven days, which for me is great.

Smith & Cult Kundalini Hustle
Smith & Cult Dark like Me
Smith & Cult Shattered Souls
Smith & Cult is one of those brands I’d absolutely splurge on if I were to ever win a mega zillion-dollar lottery jackpot as well as might then totally meet my eccentric billionaire dreams. I’d have one entire wall in my mansion filled from floor to ceiling with their polishes.


This I vow on my tabby’s tum! You’d be invited to find over as well as play, by the way. just please don’t fail to remember to bring your cat/s (to entertain me Tabs).

Your friendly community appeal addict,