in spite of these Rimmel enduring surface Lipsticks By Kate Moss being quite great quality, I feel like when I utilize them, I don’t get the exact same makeup experience as when I use, say, a YSL lipstick.
Well, to me, makeup packaging is extremely important.

Because makeup isn’t just about the method I look after I’ve made up my face. For me, a lot more importantly, it’s about the general experience as well as exactly how much I take pleasure in putting it on.


I mean, it’s like when I go to a restaurant where the food is provided in a creatively attractive way. To begin with, the food they serve has to be good, however the method it’s provided absolutely adds to the culinary experience.

(Speaking of which, if you ever come to Bologna, make sure you go to Casa Monica as well as La Taverna del Farneto, my preferred restaurants in the area. amazing food, impressive service as well as a kicked back environment — a best combination, if you ask me!)

Same goes for makeup. The products have to be good, however if they likewise are available in lovely packaging, it makes the experience a lot more enjoyable.


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I have a soft area for quite packaging… Can you tell?
That being said, some quite packaging costs a lot, so I believe it’s excellent that there are likewise great high quality products that are available in plain, low-cost packaging as well as retail for less than the expense of a kale smoothie. It’s great to have options, right?


Now that I believe about it, when I stated that makeup packaging is extremely crucial to me, I should’ve really stated that it’s extremely crucial for specific product categories.

Like, if they’re in my budget, I’ll normally get beautifully packaged lipsticks, eyeshadows, bronzers, blushes as well as palettes, while, a lot of of the time, I’m delighted with drugstore mascaras as well as eyeliners (provided the high quality is good, obviously).

With the latter, even when they’re high end, I don’t truly get that luxe feeling that I get from those other products (especially lipsticks). Do you understand what I mean?