wearing hourglass velvet Creme Lipstick in Fever ($30) on my lips
This is the one Fever that you’d actually be stoked to catch. “But Karen,” I can already hear you saying, “I can’t afford to get sick! between dating Ryan Gosling (hey, a girl can dream) and pet assisting for five cats, I can’t afford time off!”

Not to worry, friend. This isn’t a Fever that’ll leave you in bed, clammy and immobile for 48 hours with sweat between your toes. This is Femme Rouge Lipstick in Fever by hourglass ($30), a lively stop-and-stare fuchsia.


Hourglass velvet Creme Lipstick in Fever, $30

The long-running Unsung Heroes series features some of my favorite permanent collection products from a variety of bodacious appeal brands.

I wore this lipstick in my review of the hourglass Ambient blush palette a while back, and ever considering that then — kid you not — I get at least one email a week from someone asking about it, and the emails normally start with the words, “I have TO have IT,” or something to that effect.

I absolutely understand, ’cause the first time I wore the lipstick, I caught it (the Fever). My brow broke out in a cool sweat as I swiped the tube across my lips. I think I may have also experienced a temporarily delirium. Either that, or RyGos really was sitting on my living room couch eating a wedge of gouda…

In a word, Fever is fearless. It’s a gutsy color, one to wear when you want attention. might be a good option for those already thinking ahead to new Year’s Eve. You could do Fever on your lips, a little Chanel Fantasme on your lids, and bold, black liquid liner.


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Oh, yeah!

I’ve got the Fever!!!
I love that I don’t have to do intensive prep work to wear Fever, either. No lip scrubs, or having to slather a thick layer of balm on my lips two fingers deep before hitting the haaaaay the night before. The formula is preternaturally smooth, and even when my dry lips are starting sh*t (I swear, my flakes could hold their own against a group of thugs in a prison yard), Fever still looks great.


Between the heavy-hitting hydration, large wear time (4-5 hours, give or take), and the bright, bold color, Fever heats it up. You can catch the Fever now at hourglass counters and online.

Your friendly neighborhood appeal addict,