In the eight (!) months that infant woman has been officially “in da house,” I wager that I’ve spent an typical of 30 minutes each day moisturizing my bod.

I know, even I’m rolling my eyes at the moment, ’cause that’s A great deal of time to be costs scrubing lotions as well as potions on yourself.


It’s true though. as well as it took a great deal less time earlier in the process when I might move around more quickly than I can now, because, ya know…I might touch my toes as well as whatnot, however now I have to do all type of innovative things as well as maneuvers to get to the locations I can’t reach.

It’s been a moisturizing adventure; that’s for sure!

Anywho, I just completed a lot of products from the Mustela pregnancy Skincare line. I utilized every last decrease of the body oil, the stretch mark cream as well as the balm, as well as I liked all three, but, since I have a notoriously short interest span for beauty products…I’ve already started a new routine with Clarins!


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You know, just to see.

I’ve been utilizing Clarins products on my deal with for many years (and their body care products off as well as on throughout that time), as well as I’ve always liked them. sometimes their products are pricy, however they generally always work well with my skin.

Actually, extremely early on in my pregnancy, during the frightening time in the very first trimester before El Hub as well as I broke the news to our families, I bought as well as ended up completing an entire tube of their stretch mark Minimizer since I understood I’d most likely like it, as well as I did. completed it down to the last drop.

So now I’m doing a whole five-piece pregnancy beauty system Clarins phone calls “Beautiful Beginnings,” which has a body scrub, stretch mark cream, body oil, a gel for firming zeh bust, as well as they likewise suggest utilizing their cult traditional beauty Flash Balm on your face, which is supposed to assist you look much better rested, although, I dunno…I feel like that’s going to need three solid weeks of sleep (I’m so not kidding).

The lovely beginnings process is designed to take care of expecting skin as well as keep it looking beautiful. It includes…

Beauty Flash Balm ($46), a smoothing, tightening deal with treatment. Clarins suggests layering it under makeup to assist your products last longer.

Smoothing Body Scrub ($37), an daily body scrub with bamboo powder for around zeh body. Clarins states that you should concentrate it anywhere you expect possible stretch marks, like the stomach as well as bust.

Stretch mark Minimizer ($52), an unscented body lotion with olive extracts. It’s designed to reduce that tight skin feeling as well as prevent stretch marks.

Tonic Body treatment ($56), a body oil made of 100% plant extracts (oils of rosemary, geranium, mint as well as hazelnut) to prevent dryness as well as keep skin hydrated.

Bust beauty Firming lotion ($59), a lotion particularly for the breasts; Clarins states it assists to tone as well as bring back firmness.

I’ve heard so many great things about Clarins body products from other moms, so I’m truly excited about this. I hope it brings me (and infant woman the Ninja!) with her huge debut in March.


Have you ever utilized any type of Clarins body products? What did/do you think?

Your friendly community beauty addict,