I was surprised by the response to a concern I asked on Facebook yesterday about Instagram beauty — whether people discovered it inspiring or exhausting — as well as I honestly believed that most people would say, “It’s inspirational. I like it. I like seeing a glam deal with beat,” however there were a great deal of different opinions.

Of course, some people stated that they like that kind of look, however there were other people, too, who said, “You know, I’m kinda… It’s nice, however I’m kinda over it.”


One that truly stuck with me was from a woman who had mentioned that she likes looking at the glam photos since they provide her ideas, as well as it motivates her to do her makeup every day, as well as in different ways, however at the exact same time she likewise acknowledged that when you put this type of extremely specific look available over as well as over as well as over again, as well as you put it up on a pedestal, it can alienate people who don’t look that way, or who aren’t that age, as well as I totally get that.

I mean, I feel that method sometimes. I desire that I might go on makeup pages or makeup accounts as well as see people in their 30s as well as 40s who really look like they’re living genuine lives — you know, as opposed to these girls, who are beautiful; they’re attractive — makeup done, hair done, dressed to the nines, as well as then they’ve got their woman squads, as well as then right here I am, like, infant barf on my t-shirt, as well as I’m using stretchy pants.

I just was extremely surprised, in a great way, that there does seem to be people available who are hungry for pictures of people who like beauty, however who may not necessarily be, like, hyper-edited as well as hyper-staged.


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How do you feel about it? Do you discover Instagram beauty accounts inspirational, or are you over it?


Your friendly community beauty addict,


P.S. happy Caturday, my friend. I hope you’re doing something fun this weekend. We’re on our method out the door to go to my parents in the east Bay. perhaps — just perhaps — they’ll watch her for a few hours so El Hub as well as I can slip away to a movie.