Tabs was fit to be tied this morning!

(Happy ? Easter, by the way.)


When his fur stylist didn’t show up for work today, Tabs took it upon himself to head over to her house to demand her professional attention, but she wouldn’t even answer the door. She was also in violation of basic cat assistant construction etiquette by installing her doorbell a lot more than 24 inches off the ground, but I digress…

We’ve said it a thousand times before, but it’s so true. good help is hard to find, especially help that will show up to work at the crack of dawn on Easter Sunday.

Despite his fur stylist’s poor work ethic, Tabs still dazzled the neighborhood this morning and strutted his stuff in his most current custom-made couture creation, the Easter springtime Delights kitty collar.

Year after year, he continues to stun.


Tabs hopes that you have a delighted Easter, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your pet assistant duties. ? It’s all about priorities, y’all.

Your friendly neighborhood appeal addict,