minx: /miNGks/ an impudent, cunning or boldly flirtatious girl or young woman… Yas, girl, YASSS!
Could the leopard print on the new MAC Mischief Minx palette be any a lot more cat lady? ?



You wanna know what’s even a lot more cat lady, though? I keep calling it “Mischief Manx.”

I would say, “why?!” to this, but we all know why… (It’s because I’m obsessed with cats.)

Mischief Minx is from the new MAC girls collection, which is available meow, by the way. It’s up on the MAC web site and on counters at select MAC locations, which generally indicates all over the place, but we’re not sure exactly where, so you must probably give your local counter a quick call if you’re interested, just in case.


Cats & makeup Sweatshirt ??


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It’s one of the six $39.50 palettes in the launch, each of which has eight powder eyeshadows in it and one highlighter.


Like a less red version of UD naked Heat

That’s what I thought of at first glance: urban Decay naked Heat.

They’re similar, but this mischievous minx is less red. UD naked heat has several shadows in it that are subtle, slightly different variations of reds and orange browns, but MAC Mischief Minx has only one reddish brown shade (Flaming Femme), which is a good thing, I think, because at some point, when you have all of those reds and orange browns up in the mix, every look you do starts to look the same. Those reds and orange browns just kinda take over everything, you know?

Makin’ mischief with these swatches…
Golden browns keep it grounded

The golden brown workhorse shadows in Mischief Minx — Schemer and been there Done That — also set this palette apart and make that one reddish brown shade, and the whole palette really, soooo much a lot more wearable than naked Heat.

Like, I’ll bust out UD naked heat every couple months, but I can easily use Mischief Minx a few times a week.

Lid action, yo: Mischief mix and Flaming Femme (crease), Schemer (outer corner), natural Tease (lid) and V Frisky (inner corner)
Lots of things to love

That adaptability isn’t the only reason I like this palette. The shadows feel fabulously soft, and everything, even the mattes, blends like a dream (and, girl, you know that mattes can be tough!).

I also like that the shimmery shades are bright and have *bling* but aren’t frosty (unlike the shades in Power Hungry, by comparison).

Every shadow in the palette, across the board, packs a punch. I didn’t have to resort to any trickery or intense layering to get them to show up on my NC42 skin. and they are intense! — even intense for my skin tone. and if you’re a lighter lass, FYI, these will probably be majorly POTENT on you, so prepare yourself for that ideal meow!

Anyway, we’re generally talking about love fest all around.

I’m wearing BECCA lush Lip Colour Balm in Milk chocolate on my lips and MAC Melba blush on my cheeks.
Oh, and the highlighter (Stride of Pride) is an a opalescent orange rose with a gorgeously glossy finish. LOVE.

MAC Teddy and Costa Riche

Incidentally, where mah MAC Teddy and Costa Riche fans at?? This palette would look remarkable with either one of them.


I’m just sayin’.

Your friendly neighborhood appeal addict,