You understand exactly how the concept of balance is huge these days? balance at work, balance at home, work-life balance, balancing life, love, career? Well, Tabs was huge into balance method before it was en vogue.

In fact, one of his very first tasks was working in the Marin region Circus. It was there he discovered to tune out distractions, focus his chi, as well as accomplish the ideal poise as well as balance that propelled him to the top of the kitty modeling world.


He only left since he desired much more from life than the circus might offer… mainly he wished to wear much better clothes as well as have a bigger closet.

So, someday he just packed up as well as left…

I’m happy he did, since the time he spent traveling as well as seeing the world shaped him into the excellent feline he was.


And eventually, it likewise led him to me. ?

Your friendly community charm addict,