I recently told my friend Marisol that I drink an obnoxious amount of water throughout the day. “No, really,” I said. “It’s nearly obscene. You’d think I had some odd water obsession or something.”

This came up in conversation one day while we were at HomeGoods, where I was trying to find an over-sized XXL cup to hold said water. Marisol pointed out that I must check out her fave water bottles because 1) they’re cute, 2) they come in a variety of fun colors, and 3) they hold an obnoxious amount of water (32 ounces!).


How cute is this?!

It’s a strong glass water bottle from bkr, a small company out of San Francisco.

Each bottle comes with a grippy silicone sleeve and a cap with a hand-holder thingamabobber, and their major selling points (besides the cuteness) are that they’re BPA- and phthalate-free. They’re also 100% made with FDA-approved materials.


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I’m also told that the caps form a best seal.

Mine just arrived today, and it’s huge (32 ounces/1 liter)! I bought the big 1-liter bottle ($42), which I plan to keep on my desk during the day.

I know that $42 is a lot for a water bottle…but I’ll drink from it all day, every day, and it’ll make my desk/office look prettier.

The shade I picked, “Sugar,” is a warm pinkish coral, and surprise! — it reminds me of flamingos.

The bottles are available in a bunch of other colors and designs on the company’s website, although I got mine from Amazon to get complimentary shipping with Amazon Prime.

There’s also a smaller, travel-friendlier 500 ml/16-ounce bottle for $30 that would be great for throwing into a big purse to run errands.


Now those are incredibly cute!

Especially the ones with hearts.

Honestly, this is probably the most ecstatic I’ve ever been about a water bottle, LOL! I like to just carry it around the house and hold it.