This week’s new preferred thing
Strawberry-flavored dental floss.

YES, GIRL! It’s a thing. As are coconut-flavored as well as orange-flavored floss.


“OH, say thanks to gosh, Karen!” I can hear you stating in your head. “Because I was anxious I’d be doomed to a tragic life of hella tiring mint floss.”

Duuuuude, if there were ever a time to really get ecstatic about dental floss, it would be now, since Cocofloss — as well as I can’t believe I’m stating this about something as totally mundane as floss — will make you stop your task as well as go after your lifelong dream of founding a nonprofit stray feline sanctuary.

Once you see exactly how much crap this floss removes from between your pretty, pearly chompers, you’ll question where the hell in life you went wrong.


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This floss removes the gunk between your teeth that you didn’t even understand was there, as well as when you recognize exactly how much your #basicb*tch floss has been missing, you’ll be truly grossed out. however supremely satisfied. I understand was.

Like a rope, a string of Cocofloss is comprised of numerous soft interwoven fibers, as well as when you take one to your teeth, those magnificent filaments eliminate plaque as well as grime, as well as don’t worry. Your gums won’t feel like they’re being punished, bruh! This floss feels softer than your preferred high-waisted stretchy pants.

Flossing with Cocofloss is genuinely a pleasure.

Uh…that may be the nerdiest thing I’ve stated this week, however I get extremely hyped about dental hygiene.

Flossy, flossy

I discovered out about this stuff from a incredibly hip dentist buddy of mine named Maryanne. At her infant shower, instead of providing away petit fours or chocolate truffles as celebration favors, she provided away samples of Cocofloss.

Those crazy dentists!

I started with the Strawberry flavor, as well as now I’m utilizing the Coconut. Both flavors are extremely mild. next I want to try the Cara Cara Orange.

There’s likewise a Mint flavor, for the traditionalists who feel that non-minty floss flavors are blasphemous.

Each pack is $8 as well as holds 32 lawns of floss, which is meant to last the typical person two months.

Yeah, $8. This is bougie floss.

They’re offered on the internet at a lot of places, including the Cocofloss web site (which has complimentary shipping!) as well as Sephora.

Oh, as well as fun fact: Cocofloss is based right here in the Bay Area.


Stay saucy as well as flossy, friend!

Your friendly community appeal addict,