What up, girl? As you know, I’ve got about a bajillion obligations as CFO (Chief Feline Officer) of Tabs the feline markets LLC. Plus, there’s my side work with makeup as well as appeal Blog. Plus, there’s my primary gig as an internationally acclaimed kitty supermodel. however I feel like I’ve taken on yet one more huge task increasing my protege/little sister, Connor Claire. Needless to say, I’m one hectic kitty. Really, truly busy.

But I like it that way. I might have spent this weekend sitting by the pool in my Gucci bikini, however I selected to method some new kitty modeling poses instead.


Just since you’re at the top of your kitty modeling game doesn’t indicate you can let your guard down for one second in this industry. I’m always hustling to keep my edge, so I serviced some paw modeling as well as explored some new poses, since even after nearly a decade of kitty modeling, there are still new poses to discover.


What do you believe of my most current set of summer kitty modeling pics? Which of these must I utilize for my new billboard in Times Square?