Sometimes, less is more. A simple white pleather collar with a single silver clasp. A narrow navy blue or bright yellow nylon collar with a black plastic buckle.

But sometimes, like today, more is more, and you feel like reminding the world that you are totally willing to break fashion rules by simultaneously rocking multiple collars.


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Fashion rules really don’t apply to Tabs. There are just some cats who can wear anything and still look good.

So yeah, today was pretty uneventful except for a Harris sighting this afternoon. We’d gone back into the house after going outside on patrol — you know, inspecting the corporate property line. Tabs was doing his nails when we heard Connor Claire exclaim, “Mama, it’s Harris! Harris is on the deck!”

Tabs leaped to action!

Well, not really leaped… He slowly sauntered over to the sliding glass door, where he locked eyes with Harris through the glass.

Then, Tabs proceeded to meow, loudly, in protest, as if to say, “Guards, get the trespasser! Apprehend him!”

I ran to the front door, opened it and stepped outside, but by the time I got over to the side of the house/office, Harris was gone. He must have run away.


It was a disaster averted, but it still annoyed the heck out of Tabs…

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,