Practicing her #RBF
I swear, my last trip to Sephora was Connor’s idea. If she looks a bit crabby in this picture, it’s since she’s practicing her #RBF (resting infant face).

I went to get a couple things I’ve been wanting to try from my lust list, as well as speaking of that, that listing has been exercising my purse in methods I did not anticipate, LOL!


First, there’s this clarifying Bumble as well as Bumble Sunday Shampoo.

Smells like: oranges, as well as the beach
I had a a great deal of product buildup in my hair after utilizing a Klorane shampoo as well as mask, as well as Sunday Shampoo, which I utilized on Saturday (such a rebel!), got my hair feeling typical again. Buuuuuut, I still believe I’m going to return it, since I checked out on the Sephora site (and don’t ask my why this didn’t sink in beforehand) that it isn’t suggested for color-treated hair, which I have.

Oh, well… It was fun while it lasted.


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I do like the concept utilizing a clarifying shampoo every so commonly to eliminate buildup from dry shampoo as well as other hair products, so I’m believing about exchanging it for a shampoo by Briogio, a natural hair care line at Sephora, called Be Gentle, Be Kind eco-friendly Tea Clarifying Shampoo. It’s $24, so about the exact same cost as the Bumble shampoo, which is $25, however it’s expected to risk-free for color-treated hair.

I hope it smells good.

Also, while I was there, I chosen up a tube of new Drunk Elephant Umbra Tinte Physical everyday defense broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 30 ($36) with 20% zinc oxide.

Zinc oxide typically leaves a white cast on darker skin, however this doesn’t! It’s truly neat. I believed it would be as well deep or peachy for me, however it isn’t. I can’t see it at all, which is great, as well as there’s no white cast! I utilized it on Saturday, Sunday as well as Monday, as well as my skin truly likes it so far. It has a light mousse-y texture, so it takes in quickly, as well as I don’t have to sit there working it in for days as well as days. Plus, it isn’t sticky, so it doesn’t leave my neck feeling gross, as well as it layers under foundation well.

Drunk Elephant Umbra tinted Physical everyday Defense

It is available in a small-ish 2-oz. bottle, which does have me concerned. I desire the tube was larger for the price, since I have a feeling that I’m going to go with it quickly.

Lastly, on my method out of the store, I discovered a new screen for Pinrose, which I’ve been dying to smell.

They’re so cute…

I wanna have all of these bottles lined up on my dresser, just so I can gaze at them.

I sprayed a purple one called Lil’ Dipper on my wrist. It was good as well as light, a great deal like TOCCA. I believe it would be great for layering.


So, what else ought to I try at Sephora? discover anything lately?

Your friendly community charm addict,