Tabs met Heidi Klum through Tim Gunn, his mentor, and from the moment Tabs met Heidi, they hit it off. annually she invited him to her annual Halloween party, but with him being a workaholic and all, his schedule just never allowed for him to make it, except for that one year…

Picture it: Los Angeles, 2011. Tabs was booked for a kitty modeling campaign in LA with Dolce & Gabbana, but at the last minute, famed photographer Steven Meow-shell came down with a cold, so the shoot was cancelled. Tabs made a decision that instead of spending Halloween handing out candy to the local kittens, he’d surprise his good pal Heidi and crash her Halloween party.


And because Tabs was such a good pal, even though he had access to all the top stylists in the fashion world, instead of going for broke with his Halloween costume, he made a decision to keep it basic and go as a pumpkin so he wouldn’t upstage Heidi.

It wasn’t until halfway through the night that she realized the rotund jack-o’-lantern in the corner was Tabs. At first, she thought it was just Michael Kors, considering that both of them were the same shade of orange, but nope. It was the world’s premier international kitty supermodel.

After that, they spent the rest of the evening talking modeling shop and schmoozing with Hollywood A-listers and the fashion elite.


That conversation was actually pretty key, because Tabs learned a lot of Halloween party hostess ideas from Heidi, and he used all of that info to start a Halloween tradition of his own, hosting one of the most exclusive and famous annual Halloween fêtes for felines.

The official Tabs the cat guide to hosting a amazing Halloween Party

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