benefit High Brow glow “brow lifter exraordinaire” ($22)
High five to the bad-@ss benefit High Brow glow Pencil that has been taking names and kicking butts in my makeup bag for the past few months, because it has taken my brow (and other) highlights to greater heights!

What is it?


Well, benefit High Brow Glow, a member of the brand’s brow product line, is a shimmery $22 champagne pencil intended to be worn under brow arches to make them look more arched and lifted.

How does it work?

It’s the shimmer, man! It makes wherever it’s applied appear brighter and closer to the spectator’s eye. It’s an illusion.


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Yes, you could also use a shimmery eyeshadow to do the same thing, but a handy pencil makes it easier, and when every second counts, easier is awesome-r.

The long-running Unsung Heroes series here on makeup and beauty blog features some of my all-time favorite permanent collection products.

I definitely use it for its designated purpose — I think it’s a terrific brow lifter if you buff it down a tad with a finger or a domed eyeshadow brush because it’s very shimmery — but I think its other abilities are what elevate it into Unsung Heroes territory.

A swatch of benefit High Brow glow on my NC42 skin


It’s also a wonderful face highlighter! I friggin’ lurve the ethereal, pearlescent sheen I get with this pencil.

I heard about this from makeup artist Jordan Liberty. just draw a thin line of High Brow glow down the bridge of your nose, along your Cupid’s bow and into the inner corners of your eyes. then softly buff out the edges with a finger for concentrated highlights, and the overall effect still looks natural…and not like you just got glitter-bombed by a gang of mischievous fairies hopped up on sugar.

Wearing benefit High Brow glow down the bridge of my nose, on my Cupid’s bow and in the inner corners of my eyes…
Sometimes I also wear High Brow glow on the tops of my cheekbones, in the middle of my forehead or on my chin. just gotta remember to always blend away the obvious edges.

And it’s also a good highlighter for “no-makeup” makeup looks, where I’ll blend a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream all over my face along with a little concealer under my eyes, fill in my brows, then, to open up my eyes more, I’ll push a bit of black eyeshadow into the roots of my lashes and apply a couple coats of mascara. after that I’ll apply blush and a veil of shimmering bronzer to warm everything up, highlight with High Brow Glow, and finish with lipstick or gloss.


Easy and elegant, so it looks like you tried…but not like you tried too hard, you know what I mean?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,