*RING* *RING* Hello? Is that beauty parlor best nail Lacquer in Mermade of money ($4)
I was sitting in my car at a stoplight yesterday when I saw a kid skateboard across the street…WHILE TEXTING ON HIS PHONE.

How is that even possible? I can barely text sitting down. Shoot, I’m the person who has to literally stop in the middle of the sidewalk to send a text that takes her five minutes to type and says, “b ideal there” when she’s only 30 seconds from the destination!


If there were an Olympic event for Slowest, Lamest Texter Ever, I would take home the gold.

Since I frequently force the people around me to experience my lame attempts at texting, I might as well give them something interesting to look at.

That was the idea behind these nails, which I applied yesterday morning. This is beauty parlor best nail Lacquer in Mermade of Money, from their new summer collection, Neon Pop.

I probably could’ve gotten away with wearing two layers, but I wanted complete and total opacity, so I went in for a third. I applied it with a base and top coat, but I still saw my first chip less than 24 hours later. Yup, a gnarly chip on my ideal hand.

Granted, I’m hard on my nails, but less than 24 hours? That’s kind of crazy-pants.


This was my first time wearing a beauty parlor best nail Lacquer. They’re only $4 each, so I’ll give ’em another try… but the next one better last longer.

They’re available now online and at Walmart stores.

P.S. delighted hump day, by the way.