new for spring 2017: Maybelline dream Cushion
I can’t remember the last time I had a makeup-related dream.

Or a dream where I even realized I was wearing makeup.


Can you? have you ever had a dream where you’re putting on your makeup? I wish I did. dream makeup… I think I’d like that.

New Maybelline dream cushion Fresh face liquid Foundation, which is coming in January in eight shades that are $16 each, has the word “dream” ideal in the name.

Maybelline dream cushion swatches (seven of eight shades): 10 Porcelain, 15 Ivory, 20 classic Ivory, 30 warm Nude, 45 medium Beige, 55 Caramel, 60 Cocoa
I wear shade 45 medium Beige
Cushion compacts like this one have been over the place lately! When you open the compact, instead of there being a pan of cream or powder, there’s a sponge pre-soaked with liquid foundation. You take a puff applicator, a appeal Blender or a brush, dab it on the sponge, and then apply that to your face.


Cats & makeup Sweatshirt ??


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I haven’t tried lots of of them yet, but MAC Matchmaster shade intelligence Compact is my cushion compact holy grail at the moment. It’s $38 though. It’s lightweight, medium coverage, and it beautifully blurs my pores. and it doesn’t budge on my skin.

But I like Maybelline dream cushion as well.

Before (left) and after (right), wearing shade 45 medium Beige

I absolutely like the much lower price, but it doesn’t cover quite as well as the MAC one. It has a a lot more satiny, uber-natural finish, through which I can still see my 40-ish pores and freckles.

If I were still in college or in my early 20s, I’d be all over this in a heartbeat. The coverage is sheerer than the MAC one, and it doesn’t blur my pores as well, but on the flip side…my skin still looks like real skin.

Seriously, for a drugstore face product, I think this is really, really good.

Oh — you’ll probably want to set it with a powder, because it tends to start scooting around and seeking out my fine lines after a few hours (especially around my mouth).

Your friendly neighborhood appeal addict,



P.S. TGIF!!! ?

P.P.S. Yes…I thought it was Friday when I published this post. I only figured out after that it wasn’t.

Anyway, TGIT?? Haha!