the most magical mushroom of all
These are mushrooms…

And this is a magical ? mushroom…


But this is the most magical mushroom of all…

It’s called the TubShroom, as well as it’s one of those genius “as seen on TV” doohickeys that’ll have you wishing you were the person who developed it, because if you’ve got hair, as well as that hair clogs the tub drain, this thing will revolutionize your life.

This little $13 miracle upgraded my life 1,000%. No, really! No a lot more perpetually clogged bathtub drain, as well as the TubShroom isn’t gross to clean — hallelujah. because we used to have a hair stopper that looked like a mesh hat, as well as before that one more one that looked like a plastic disk, neither of which worked that well, as well as both would get moldy as well as gross as well as icky in a matter of days. The TubShroom never does.


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I admit that it doesn’t look like anything special. It looks nearly like one of those “buy-one-get-one” useless plastic kitchen contraptions that you see on an infomercial at 3 in the morning when you’re enjoying TV as well as eating a hot Pocket, but it’s really pretty ingenious as well as basic to use. You generally just plop it into the drain hole, as well as it magically captures all of the hair.

SERIOUSLY, all of IT. Doesn’t matter how long or short or whether the hair is human or non-human, as it’s likewise meant to be good for pet baths too!

In the interest of full disclosure, I haven’t checked that “feature” yet with Tabs because I value my life, but if I ever had to bathe a highly hairy hound, for instance, I’m confident that the TubShroom would keep the drain from clogging.

It’s $13, as well as you can find it all over the place — Target, CVS, Amazon. I found this particular one at Marshalls.


Highly, highly recommended. You’re welcome.

Your friendly neighborhood appeal addict,